[Poisson d’avril] L’aquarium des poissons en chocolat

Hello dollz

This year, Easter and April 1st fell at the same time, which is why Sarah suggested a chocolate egg hunt with a superb aquarium as a gift.

You may have realized that a little joke had crept into the visual of the gift to be won as an April fool’s joke 😉

Today Sarah reveals the real visual of the gift you’re supposed to win: an aquarium with superb chocolate fish.


The visual of the gift has been changed in your inventories for those who had already won the gift. It may take a little while for your machine to display the correct version of the image.

The hunt is still active until this evening, to allow all players to finish collecting the chocolate eggs, so don’t wait any longer to get your present.

Don’t forget, when you reach the required number of symbols, to click on “Exchange my symbols” and to collect your reward directly in your inventory.


You have until this evening at 11:59pm (Paris hour) to collect all the symbols and exchange them for the gift.

It’s chocolate egg hunt time on OhMyDollz!

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