[Quest Replay] An incredible back-to-school in London

Hello Dollz

It’s back-to-school season! But things aren’t easy this year for our doll!

Indeed, her peaceful life in OhMyDollz City has come to an end since her father has been transfered to London. The whole family is moving with him! Our doll is now gonna live in a manor and she must get use to this huge city.

What’s gonna happen this year at school?

During this quest, you can win the Magic School room, as well as the High School room with its Fashion Design School theme. If you already own these rooms, you can earn their extensions.

rentree_etape8 rentree_etape7

Great gifts await you! Gradually, as you progress in the quest, gifts are more and more beautiful.

Win different style models, window display and furniture to set up your own stores and pubs, luxury style outfits and plenty of other magic marvels!

You will also be asked to answer riddles to win bonus gifts.

rentree_etape5 rentree_etape6 rentree_etape4

Discover the color variations of the objects you need for the quest in the School shop.


You can replay this quest until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time).


Enjoy incredible back-to-school adventures on OhMyDollz!

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