[Stylist Center] Hortentia ’s store opens its doors!

Hello dollz

The talented graphic designer Hortentia joins today the Stylist Center to propose you her historical creations.

Her nickname will be familiar to you if you follow the graphic contests of the forum, but also through several events on the game. Hortentia has proposed content for the last quest and the abyssal creatures packs.

Present for several years, we have seen her evolve over time within the contests of the forum where she regularly proposes superb and inspiring creations. It is now in her new store, that she will be able to propose her outfits and decorations inspired by History.

Hortentia_newboutique Hortentia_newboutik

Find these elements now in the Stylist Center shop  https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/stylist-1.png under the acronym https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/101-1.png !

Congrats to Hortentia!

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