[Packs] The Lunar Unicorns

Hello dollz

Deep in the forest of Broceliande are extraordinary magical creatures.

Lunar unicorns are fascinating mystical animals. Their manes reflect the colors of different moon stones and their powers seem to be linked to the properties of these elements.


Do you know the powers of some moonstones?

Amethyst. This calm and serene unicorn soothes the mind with its comforting presence.


Angelite. Ideal to calm your anger and control your emotions, it is said that this unicorn does not like water.

licorne_angeliteGreen Fluorine. Symbol of harmony, this unicorn will help you become aware of your true feelings.


Rhodocrosite. This unicorn enjoys the company of stressed people. Near her, your body will be relaxed, less anxious and soothed.

licorne_rhodocrositeSugilite. Need to reconnect your body and mind? This unicorn will help you find your inner balance.


Turquoise. Close to this unicorn, we feel the need to talk, as if she was listening to all our worries.


Take advantage of these packs until Wednesday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


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