[Creation rewards] Congratulations to our designers!

Hello dollz!

OhMyDollz wants to thank our wonderful designers for the wonderful creations displayed in creators content!

We had to rack our brains to select your propositions ! Behind these creations are talented players who put their imagination and creativity to use!


The selected players have been rewarded with 60 $$$ and 30 Coils for each of them, here are the players in questions!

The players who had several selected creations during this event will receive 60$$$ bonus for each selected creation. This process might take some extra time to reach your wallet, you will be warned by private message when the payment will be done.

Congratulations to :

Designer’s Packs – Steampunk atmosphere

alhyn, ameve-concours, ange-milie, anitia24, bouzette84, breizhbreizh, cerizblonde,
cherrybrandy, cocotalili12, cocotalili13, cocotalili5, cotic, diwali, erelllulu,
framboisecaramel, gettibrie, grisalda, isiebling, jonquilla, labellemamiabelle,
ma-fee-katia66, melissa78500, missjessy47, muscade23, normajeane, oceane201210,
princesseoceane, ramboona, rhazel, shanti39, shawn-michaels, skeleton, thailandia39,
elenagilbert (de), tottys (es), Andromaque (fb), Alfaloth (fb), lubavushka19 (ru),
gaurdianoftheshadows (us)

LookBook – Scary Halloween!

activitioner, alidgotique, angel-heart, anitia24, apocalyptique, babylabulle,
beenotmovie, bella-reeser, bellaria, belleangelique, breizhbreizh, caline-du-69,
cerizblonde, cocotalili, cocotalili10, cocotalili11, cocotalili12, cocotalili13,
cocotalili14, cocotalili15, cocotalili16, cocotalili4, cocotalili5, cocotalili7,
elsaelisabeth, fire, framboisecaramel, gettibrie, halleberry-cat, jess089,
lady-belgoss, lavena132, lea1278, magienoir, mana4869, mandy-lynne, mariee-yolola,
mary-fairy, meliiii, melle-scientrier, mimine16, momo291989, monsieurm, orlanne84,
poussifeu-emo, princessevampyr, rei-kun, scientrier, sohia, td76, veriter,
xx-mouah-71-xx, jutta (de), lijandra (de), mailing (de), tottys (es), flower_pride (ru),
alysun1986 (us), daisydill (us), faechild19 (us), faechild20 (us), karusia84 (us)

Fashion Show – Designers’ terrifying Halloween!

bella-reeser, breizhbreizh, cocotalili7, doll-ange51, mely80600, nickysanrio,
princesseoceane, siho, skeleton, sohia, tchipiagotique, td76, jutta (de),
faechild21 (us), faechild86 (us)

Happy hour – A proposed creation as a tribute to All Saints’ Day


Designer’s Pack – Let’s celebrate November 11!


LookBook – Christmas

abondance, anitia24, ariablacksnow, cerizblonde, cherrybrandy, chibimako, cocotalili,
cocotalili12, cocotalili13, cocotalili16, cocotalili17, cocotalili2, cocotalili3,
cocotalili9, coventina48511, daisydill, dg1000, elsaelisabeth, existy, fafalia,
feefifilini, fifilini, framboisecaramel, jungoo, kaloha, lafee-23, lafee25, magienoir,
mely80600, miss-glee-17, moimoi123, moonshines, morin29, mzelle59, oceane201210,
orlanne84, princesseoceane, rajastani, scientrier, sheherazade88, sohia, stella058,
temperance5, triskaidekaphobie, xylophonia39, zdedex7778, drago (de), jutta (de),
mailing (de), ponziana (de), _defalt__lol_ (ru), flower_pride (ru), calogerina (it),
afallach (us), daisydill (us), faechild24 (us), foofie (us), gaurdianofthelight (us),
gaurdianoftheshdows (us), ilovemymom (us), junia (us), karusia84 (us), koolgurl (us),
sassygirl7 (us), shadow-dancer (us), witchlighter (us)

Thank you all for participating and so long!

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