[Quest] I declare open the Battle games!

And what if the world had really ended ?

Imagine the world is now totally different. The rules have changed…
Would you follow the movement or would you stand up to the new establishment?

Win special decorations, coming from a modern world or from a totally fantastic one!

“Mayas were right, the world ended on December 21st 2012, the world was plunged into chaos, nature raged. The ocean submerged the costs, earth broke up creating new continents, fire burned many forests and tornadoes destroyed plenty villages.

Today, nearly one year after, I have the impression I live on a totally different planet. There is just a few of us left. Everyday, I have the same obsession: to protect myself from the dangers of this new planet. Here, everything has changed: new mutant animals have appeared, food doesn’t grow in supermarkets in this hostile environment, human supremacy was long gone…

Yet there still is a hierarchy among humans, at the top, the „elite“ is made of the most powerful and richest people of this new world they have built for themselves. I don’t know why they took it out on my family, they plundered my house and destroyed my life!

Today my one obsession is: revenge!“

The more you progress in the quest, the more exceptional the gifts will get!

Answer enigmas to win bonus gifts!

You have up to Sunday to finish this replay!

Enjoy the quest on OhMyDollz!

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