[Packs] Deep in the woods…

Hello dollz

The mysterious wood reveals its secrets to you, on the borders of tales and legends.

In this autumnal setting, where the leaves travel with the wind, the lone wolf prowls the paths. Don’t wear a red cape or the tale might come true!

The new “Fall wood” room is waiting for you in a special pack at a promotional price. It has the particularity of having 3 themes that will allow you to choose the size of the trees according to your desires. If you buy the pack twice, you will get the extension of this room.

pack_bois_exterieur_01 pack_bois_exterieur_02


You will also find the elements to build your own thatched cottage deep in the woods. Cozy, dark or dilapidated, it will attract all unwary or lost visitors… for their happiness or their misfortune…

pack_bois_visumaison_01a pack_bois_visumaison_01b pack_bois_visumaison_02a pack_bois_visumaison_02b pack_bois_visumaison_03a pack_bois_visumaison_03b

Enjoy these packs until Monday, 11:59 p.m. (Paris time)


The wolf is lurking in the woods on OhMyDollz!

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