[Packs] Let’s extend our vacation!

Hello dollz!

On OhMyDollz, we have no desire for summer or holidays to end …
Let the sun and travels continue to make us dream!

We are proposing you shiny packs, to make your doll go to exotic destinations.

Discover or rediscover these packs composed of collectors’ item, but also, gift vouchers, $$$ and Rooms for some of them!


Discover these packs, which offer:

Oriental Pack (in $$$)
Transform your doll into an oriental princess with this 1001 nights outfit!


Pack Oriental
Transformée votre doll en princesse orientale avec cette tenue des 1001 nuits !
Inclus dans ce pack : une baie vitrée orientale et la pièce “1001 nuits”, onglet “Royal” (ou son extension si vous l’avez déjà).


“Africa 2012” Pack 
Are you tempted by a little trip to Africa?
Included in this pack: “chic short ”


“New Caledonia” Pack 
Destination the jungle, for an adventure to discover ancient ruins!
Included in this pack: the “New Caledonia” Room, in the “Travel” tab  (or its extension if you already have it).


“Japan” Pack
Are you passionate about Japan? Enjoy this pack to share it with your doll!
Included in this pack: the “Japanese Palace” room, in the “Travel” tab (or its extension if you already have it).


“Africa” Pack 
Let your doll travel in the heart of Africa!
Included in this pack: the “Africa” room, in the “Travel” tab (or its extension if you already have it).


These packs will be available until Sunday, 11:59 pm. (Paris time)


Have a good start for this new school year on OhMyDollz!

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