Exchanged looks and shared emotions!

Hello dollz,

On this day after anniversary, a new surprise arrives on Ohmydollz!

After creating dialogues using bubbles, today you can now create Dollz who look at each other and share their emotions!

We don’t just express ourselves with text. An emotion, when we talk to each other, when we experience something, goes through the face.

So life is coming to OhMyDollz!



The first three emotions that we invite you to share with your doll today are Joy, Sadness and Complicity.

Each emotion are available in packs sorted by skin color and are available from today on the game and until Tuesday August 31st. Of course, these new heads are compatible with the wigs in the game.


The faces will then be available in stores from September 15 for VIPs and October 15 for non-VIP players.

Views exchanged, emotions shared and feelings revealed are now welcome on Ohmydollz.

Very affectionately,


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