Happy Birthday Ohmydollz, to your bubbles !

Hello Dollz,

today is the game’s anniversary and this anniversary marks a new era for OhMyDollz.

Every loft you create has always been a little compendium of history: The theme, the Dollz, the furniture, the clothes chosen, all of this helps to create a moment and convey an atmosphere.

But from today everything changes: the Dollz are speaking out!


Now is the time for words to appear!

Text bubbles will introduce dialogue, thought, stories in OhMyDollz. You will finally be able to express yourself with words.

This little revolution will not come alone. Other elements and medium-term changes will allow you to tell real stories, to convey emotions, your emotions through the Dollz.

We can’t wait to see your creations and your delusions. A new era begins.
So that each of you can participate in the party, a bubble and a Foot have been offered to all the dollz, the VIPs have just received the two available bubbles + the exclusive «Clouds» bubble as well as the corresponding feet.


You will be able to find more bubbles in the new Story store , only the Ovals and Explosives will be at your disposal, the Cloud bubble being for the moment exclusively available in the launch packs!


These new interactions are possible thanks to the switch to Unity. Even if this one is far from perfect, it will help us extend and deeply transform OhMyDollz to give this universe the place it deserves.

We will continue to improve experiences and fix bugs. Thanks again for your patience.

Happy Birthday dear dollz !

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