[Mystery Box] Afternoon at Theneri Lake

Hi dollz!

Nerikya and Thecrasy gathered their talents to create this summer set, just for you! What a lovely summer scene at OhMyDollz City lake (So we decided to rename that lake “Theneri”) !

Let’s find about these 25 collectors as a Mystery Box! Collect them’ all!

_apercus_boutique2 _apercus_boutique (1)

These two characters have been created by Nerikya (red headed lady) and Thecrasy (little playing girl). They’re included and a whole lot of items will stick to your doll.

Nerikya and Thecrasy added some color variation for the smaller items, like pillows, flowers and food. Find them in their respective stores.

How does Mystery Box work?

There is a number of item in each box. They’ll be selected randomly from the total pool of 25 :


MiniBox : 6 collectors 150 Fee’z

MediumBox : 14 collectors 300 Fee’z

MaxiBox ALL 25 collectors 500 Fee’z

Be careful with these Mystery Boxes! You can’t know their content because the items are chosen randomly.

If you buy the same box several times, you won’t get the same items, except if you have already collected the 25 items!


These Mystery Boxes will be available until Monday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

What about you? What would your secret garden look like?

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