[Multiflirt] The Job + Exclusive rooms

Hello Dollz,

On the occasion of the anniversary of the game, we invite you to discover in more depth these 4 emblematic Jobs of Ohmydollz through their dedicated Multiflirt!

Help your dollz become the best in these areas and get the elements to enjoy her passions!

Accomplish all passions, and you will be able to obtain the new Exclusive Piece, “the Office”.

Here are the 4 Jobs and the items linked.

Childcare worker
The first job your dollz does when you arrive in OhMyDollz City. If you love children, this passion is made for you!

babysitter1 babysitter2

Leave office life behind and head for the savannah to discover the great outdoors! Magnificent decorations for a trip that your dollz will not soon forget!


aventure1 aventure2

Do you like to make others dream through words? Grab your typewriter to write stories or make yourself comfortable to read. Let the words take your dollz to incredible adventures!

Ecrivaine1 Ecrivaine2

OhMyDollz is also about fashion and creativity. Opt for this passion and your dollz will be able to set up his own sewing workshop and show his talent to everyone!

Couture1 Couture2

Buy the items and earn points for filling the gauge. Each level will give you great gifts!

Larger items earn more points, but you may need to buy some items more than once to fill up the entire gauge as you choose.

Collect 100 points to get a full gauge!

If you get 100% of the gifts of the 4 Multiflirt, you will receive the new Exclusive Room, “the Office” (The room will be credited to you on Monday August 31st before noon)


You have until Sunday, August 30, 11:59 p.m. to complete all the multiflirts and receive your exclusive Room the following Monday.

Many thanks to the talented players who participated in the edition of this Multidrague, thanks to • Jonquilla • Dollz-morte123 • Bellamara • Jolisara • Laady-choc • Tigre37 • Coeurarcenciel • Geb • Luckiny and Morino !!!

Happy birthday again Ohmydollz! <3 <3 <3


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