Coming soon !

Hi Dollz and Happy Birthday OhMyDollz!

Yes, OhMyDollz celebrates another birthday!

Thank you so much for your continuous support. It helps us keep OhMyDollz up and running, and even though it is not OhMyDollz at its best, you are one of the most
resilient web communities out there and we are proud of it.
So, thank you for being here and participating with your creations,
your support and your ideas.
To show you we are not forgetting you, you can right now test your
Refresh your browser (It’s usually Ctrl R or ctrl shift R) and a new
button appears: NO FLASH!

When you click on it, your current loft will appear.
Send us your comments via, loft references and screen captures when you
see bugs compared to the original.
Please note that in this first version:
– The only interaction possible is moving around the loft.
– Animations are not supported yet.
– Backgrounds are the same for everyone.
Improvements will come progressively.
We are moving along on this subject and will be ready for December.
I can not go into technical details but this was not as simple to do
as it seems.
Well, we are here, still here, we do not communicate a lot, it’s true
but we are not letting go (And no, we are not flushed with cash…).
Your feedback is important, your support is important so please send
us your tests!
Happy Birthday OhMyDollz!

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