[Quest] Natural Magic!

Hello dollz!

new Unpublished quest is appearing on Ohmydollz and this thanks to the fantastic will of the community and more precisely of the players and creators whose nicknames you will find at the end of the news.

Discover yourself during this initiatory journey surrounded by your friends, discover your link with magic in all its forms through each step of this quest.


You will be able to get two new and awesome models upon completion of this quest.

A magical quest that will allow your dollz to find its esoteric roots, its origins and its true nature.


Great gifts await you! As you progress through the quest, the gifts get more and more beautiful.


You will also be asked to answer Enigmas to win bonus gifts.

On the last step of the quest, 2 choices will be presented to you, which will determine the end of your story. What will be your decision?

To access the quest, click on the button in the current offers:

quete_joueurs_offDiscover the color variations of the items you will need for the quest at the store  

You have until Wednesday, August 5, 11:59 PM to participate in this quest. VIP subscribers have an additional 24 hours to participate in the quest, until Thursday, August 6, 11:59 p.m. (Paris hours)

All this would not have been possible without the magnificent content produced by Bellamara, Dollz-morte123, Geb, Jolisara, Laady-choc, Morino, Skeleton and Tigre37, a big THANK YOU to them, don’t hesitate to leave them kind comments (they are on the French server) for their involvement.

Thanks also to you dear doll who read this message and who by your support as well as your fidelity allows us to continue to make live this game which we like !!!
Discover your magic and its secrets on OhMyDollz!

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