[Replay Quest] Summer camp !

Hi there vacationers!

Our doll just obtained her high school degree, and now she take the opportunity of summer holidays to do her first work experience!

She will live many adventures!

Indeed, everything can happen in a : Summer Camp !


There are summer camps themes for all tastes: extreme sports, adventure, role playing, riding or even art show! You doll will experience all, and this can give you an indea about the explosive cocktail of this quest!

Finish this quest before Friday 31st July at 14h30 and get a lot of gifts!

Here some sample of the beautiful gifts of this quest :

– The job Infant care worker  to get a salary of 7 $$$ !


– Interactive mannequins, kids and babies arrive on OhMyDollz !! (Male and female kids to dress up and babies with different colour skin)

– The equitation decor, with its Interactive Horses and accessories !

This new quesr requires a choice from you !

if you want to play both ends, you will need 150 Fee’z to get all the gift of this quest!


As you progress through the story, the passage of the steps requires more and more prerequisite, but in return, the gifts are more beautiful!!

Answer correctly to all enigmas in the story and meet many characters !

Find all the color declinations of pre-requisite items in the Holiday Shop : 

This shop will be available until Sunday 2nd August at 23:59, take this opportunity to get the items of the color you prefer!! !

The adventure already started on #OhMyDollz !

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