[Collectors’ Chest] Discover the chests for some days!

Hello dollz!

Until Sunday, the collectors’ chests return on OhMyDollz!

Each chest contains a batch of collectors’ items. Open the chest and let luck decide which one it will be!

Which item will be draw for your doll?


Numerous grids are available:

Nerikya offers you a fantasy and fairy-themed chest.
Altairia offers you a chest on the clouds and fantasy themes.
Styliste-x2 offers you a chest on the theme of rhinestones and precious stones.
Bernad57 invites you to trip and proposes you a chest on the Mexico theme.

You can change grid when you want for free 😉
The grid will remain as you left it, with your slots already marked. So you can take advantage of your favorite grids!

How does it work?

You have 3 choices to get the objects of the chest:

– A random selection will cost 15 $$$.
The random selection is on ALL the objects of the chest, doesn’t matter if you already have the object or not in your inventory. You can get multiple copies of the same object.

– An accurate selection will cost 25 Fee’z.
Selecting this, you can choose the object you want! The best way to quickly obtain your favorite objects 😉

– The option “Buy all” will let you obtain all the content of the chest at once for 499 Fee’z.
It is the simple solution to get all the objects!

Once you have at least one copy of an object, it will be market on the list. This will let you know how many objects miss to complete the elements of the list.

Once you get all the objects, the chest will be shown as “complete”. You can still play to get multiple copies of the chest’s objects.

The collectors’ chests will be available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


Let the chance surprise you on OhMyDollz!

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