[Replay Quest] Interior Designer

Hello dollz!

Enter the universe of design by embodying a talented designer, in charge of decorating a particular and demanding client. The interior decoration is not easy! Will her appreciate your efforts to their true value?

Throughout this quest, discover incredible decorations and outfits, that will plunge your into a “green” future… not so far! A future where nature is the heart of the living space, in harmony with the inhabitant.


You can get the room “House of the Futurer” (tab Loft) at the end of this quest or its extension if you already have the room.

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Gorgeous gifts await you! As you progress in the quest, the gifts are getting better and better. You will also be asked to answer enigmas to win bonus gifts.


In the last step of the quest, 2 opportunities await you in the form of two different clients. Which living room will you choose to decorate? “Futuristic tribal” o “Modern watercolor“?

Futuristic tribal

You have chosen to remain with your demanding client. Raw material and tribal decorations, get comfortable in your new room with this ethnic living room inspired “afro-futuristic”.
A gorgeous outfit matches this decorations for a clannish and chick look!

You get the “House of the Future” room (tab Loft) with this step or its extension if you already have the room.


Modern watercolor

Do you prefer the other client? Let the nature takes on you for this innovative design! Natural materials and modernity blend together in this organic living room.
A magnificent outfit inspired by vegetables and watercolors completed this stage.

You get the “House of the Future” room (tab Loft) with this step or its extension if you already have the room.


To access this quest, click on the button in the offers of the moment:


Discover the color variations of the objects you will need for the quest at the store :

You have until Sunday, April 12th at 11:59pm to participate to this quest. (Paris hour).

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