[Replay Quest] Mermaids

Hello dollz!

Your dollz is searching her father, marine biologist missing in the sea. Decisive, she will follow her intuition and will discover an incredible truth!

Throughout this quest, discover incredible decorations and outfits, that will submerge yourself in an enchanting world underwater!


You can ge the the “Ocean” room (tab Cinema) at the end of this quest.
A magical and musical room that will let trip your dollz in the underwater reign!






Gorgeous gifts await you! As you progress in the quest, the gifts are getting better and better.




You will also be asked to answer enigmas to win bonus gifts.

In the last step of the quest, 2 choicses will appear to you, deciding the end of the story. Which will you choose? "Underwater Palace" or "Oceanic Fault"?

– Underwater Palace

You have chosen to draw a line on the past, and your souls is too peaceful to choose revenge.

Immerse yourself in magical decoration of a palace life under waves and enjoy your new room! Put on your magnificent ocean queen outfit to immerse youself in this new life.

You get the “Ocean” room (tab Cinema) in this step.


– Oceanic Fault

Only revenge the please you! You dive to the dark rift to face your destiny!

Wreck of boats, rock and colors take you to the beauty of the depths! Prepare yourself for the combat with a fantastic aquatic warrior outfit, in its human form and mermaid form!


To access this quest, click on the button in the offers of the moment:


Discover the color variations of the objects you will need for the quest at the store https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/abyss-1.png

You have until Sunday, April 12th at 11:59pm to participate to this quest. (Paris hour).

Discover the ocean and its secrets on OhMyDollz!

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