[Packs] Valentine’s Day Mermaid

Hello Dollz!

Valentine’s day has brought a wave of love and happiness on OhMyDollz!

Attracted by the glitter and the joy, a lovely mermaid has joined OhMyDollz to celebrate love with you.

Until Sunday you can obtain this beautiful outfit, from our 2017 collection. Turn your Dollz into a love messenger underwater!


To allow all the players to find their happiness, we propose you this old flash sale in 3 packs, at preferential prices.

Which pack will you choose? The outfit? The dummy change position with its accessories? The whole set?

sirval_2017 sirval_2017_all sirval_2017_dollz

You can purchase this outfit at a special price until Sunday at 11:59pm. (Paris hour)


This bundle is at a more interesting price than at the Flash Boutique, which is seldom open.

Valentine’s Day is not over on OhMyDollz!

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