[Gifts] Advent Calendar 2019

Happy December dollz !

Advent time has finally arrived, Christmas preparations are finally starting and everyone is eager to offer and receive a multitude of gifts!

On OhMyDollz, we have prepared a beautiful Advent Calendar filled with a variety of gifts that is available today!

(Due to a technical error the Advent calendar was only opened on Monday 2, therefore the first 2 boxes can be opened for free until Tuesday, December 3 at midnight)

Do not forget to collect your gift each day until December 24th !


Each day, open a slot of your OhMyDollz calendar to obtain a nice gift in the Christmas spirit. Login in each day to obtain 24 free gifts.

Each gift is available in 3 colors. While opening a slot, you get a random color !

Missed a slot or want to get all the colors?

If you miss one or more days, you can open the slots of the previous days with 25 Fee’z for each slot.

You can even open again a slot to obtain other colors for 25 Fee’z. You will receive a color that you do not have yet ! If you have all the colors already, you will receive the same in more copies.

You can also buy the colors directly from an other player via purchase in the loft of other players, during and after the event. (Attention: this purchase will cost 50 Fee’z !)

To open your daily gift, click on the following icon in the current offers 😉


Important: This event requires the Flash plug-in to be active on your browser to open the slots. If you play on mobile, you can try the Puffin app to use Flash.

This advent calendar will be available until December 24th 2019 at 11:59pm (Paris hour).
Do not forget to open all the slots before this date!

A rain of gifts is coming on OhMyDollz !

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