[Candy Hunt] Scare me !

Hello dollz,

Halloween is coming ! You must be ready to scare everyone !
What do you think about new decorations ?

The Candy Hunt is back ! Scare your friends on OhMyDollz and gain gifts !

To scare other dollz, you just have to click the «Scare Me» button displayed at the bottom of your friends’ profile page.


By scaring other dollz, you will earn candy that you will then be able to exchange for chests full of gifts !

There are specific and proportional gifts in each chest. You can open each chest several times; but each time you’ll get the same gifts.

chasse_bonbons_2019B chasse_bonbons_2019A chasse_bonbons_2019

If you lack time or energy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered !
You can get more candies at the bank !

To swap your candy for chests, click the following button in the offers of the moment:


And to complete the party, many previous Halloween hunts are available in pack «$$$», the opportunity to complete your collection, here is an example of the largest packs available, but there will be for all purses.



chasse_2017_d chasse_2015_d

These wonders will be available in the packs page!

You can collect candies, open chests and get all the gifts until Saturday, November 2nd at 11:59pm (Paris time).

Halloween is here on OhMyDollz !


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