[personality test] What kind of monster are you for Halloween?

Hello girls !

It’s soon Halloween! For the occasion, here is a new test on OhMyDollz! You will discover what Halloween character is sleeping in you!

test_halloween2019b test_halloween2019a

Answer 7 questions to win exclusive gifts! Each set of gifts corresponds to a halloween monstrosity. So you win gifts that match you!

Answering a test costs 49 $$$ then the price is decreasing: the second costs 39 $$$, the next 29 $$$, then 19 $$$ and finally 10 $$$! The more you answer the test the less it is expensive! Enjoy!

Warning: if you answer the test several times, be attentive to your answers! Otherwise, you could win the same set of gifts several times.

The test remains on OhMyDollz, until November 1, 2019, 23:59!

Scary people on OhMyDollz! Thanks to this event proposed and designed by the FDD! Thanks à lot to them !!!

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