[Replay Quest] Department Store!

Sometimes it is a happy coincidence that helps us discover the greatest treasures …

Something like this just happens to our Doll, when she discovers the diary of her ancestor while cleaning the attic. She begins to read and discovers the exciting life story of her great-great-grandmother.

etape05_25fev bonheur gabarit_doll


In this adventure you can win these exclusive gifts:

 – the room Retro (or its extension, if you already have the room)

– the fantastic opportunity to unlock ALL temporary stores for 30 days (includes the Dollz-Story Store ), starting when you finish the adventure!


Gradually, as you progress in the quest, the better the gifts will be!

As always, you´ll need to answer difficult questions to win the great bonus gifts!

Discover the different color variations of the requested items in the

Victorian Shop which remains open until September 29th.

You have time until Sunday, September 29th 23h59 (french time) to end the adventure!

Let’s go on a shopping tour on OhMyDollz!

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