[Gifts] The Fashion Show Fairies offers you a magnificent a floral and fairy outfit!

Hello dollz!

For this anniversary month, the Fairies of the Parade have prepared a magnificent surprise for all OhMyDollz players!

This weekend, receive this superb flower fairy outfit in your lofts, offered by our sweet forum volunteers!

They hope that these elements, designed with care and love, will offer you a touch of magic and fantasy!


Do you know the Fashion Show Fairies? They are charming players of the French forum that think about the players during the Fashion Show game, each week. If you find inspiration, do not hesitate to participate in their weekly animations!

This set has been made on OhMyDollz with the Sewing Machine.
These gifts aren’t “Couture”, but “normal” items of the game.
They are in your inventory and can be used as an items of the game: in Fashion Show, duplicated with the help of an item multiplier, used with the sewing machine…

Receive this charming attention in your inventory until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Thank you girls, and congratulations to you for these great items!

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