[Gift] Sarah offers 30$$$ gift voucher to spend in all shops !

Hello Dollz!

Sarah is happy to party with you, for the 12th birthday of OhMyDollz. To extend the party, she prepared a wonderful surprise for the end of the week!

Take out your shopping list! A 30$$$ check gift has been given to spend it in shops around! Even more, all shops available in the game will be open until Sunday evening! Awesome isn’t it?

Notice that the gift check will only be usable until Sunday evening, so spend the $30 received on your account as soon as possible!


How does it work?

All players are credited 30$$$ to their accounts,  available immediately to please you. So you have $30 more in your account than yesterday. :)

For your next purchases, the amount spent will be withdrawn directly from your $$$$.

There are no minimum purchases to enjoy this gift! You are free to please yourself with your desires of free shopping. You can watch your money left on the shop page.

On the store page, a counter tells you how much of the $30 you have already spent. This will allow you to see what you have left to spend so you don’t lose it on Sunday evening!  😉

This gift will be available until Sunday 23h59 (Paris hour). After this time, all non-spent $$$ will be lost and withdrawn from your account, don’t forget to use it!

Have fun shopping y’all!

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