[Quest] adventure : Vet without Borders!

Hi there adventurers!

For this adventure, your doll will go around the world to carry out her mission of :Vet without borders

In this quest, find all kinds of animals in the most beautiful scenery in the world !



Finish the quest before Sunday 4th August at 23H59 and win exclusive gifts:

– interactive animals to grow up

– The room „China“ to be found in the theme„Trip“.

– The room „New Caledonia“ (or tis extension if you already have this room) to be found in the theme„Trip“.


This adventure requires a choice, to access the 2 differend ending you have tu spend 150 Fee’z.

As you progress through the story, the passage of the steps requires more prerequisite, but in return, the gifts are more beautiful!!

You will have to answer questions related to history to earn bonus gifts!

Whit this adventure, you can collect many animals!

Find all the color versions of required items in Earth Store : 

This store will be available until Sunday 4th August at 23:39 (french time), enjoy this opportunity to buy the items you want in the version color you prefer!

Enjoy the quest on OhMyDollz !

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