[LookBook] Sea beauties or Beauties to the sea !

Summer and the sea come to your lofts!

We invite you to discover a LookBook where magic and reality mix for an invitation to travel. At the heart of the creations of a breathtaking richness and also, at the ultimate level, the new unpublished extension of the Ocean room!

Go to the collection of creations made by talented players, which plunge us this time into the different atmospheres of the sea and summer. Two destinies are available to you, what will be your choice?


Recreate, assemble and reassemble these beautiful outfits to make them your own and express your style !
But beware, only the most  tenacious fashionistas will manage to unlock the most amazing outfits and their bonus  😉

Collect different looks to unlock the following stage ! with the final goal to obtain the ultimate look and the New extension of the ocean room

Stage 1 – Emerald Mermaid,Blue Dream, Princess of the seas, Stars of the beach, Farniente And Love of the Shell!


Stage 2 – Aquatic jewels and Sweet family!


Stage 3 –  Ocean’s pearl and Sweets of the coast



Ultimate Stage – Abyssal magic

This look includes the room« Ocean ». If you already own this room you will receive it’s exclusive new extension ! 


How to collect these looks ?
You must acquire each look, stage by stage. Collect 3 looks from stage 1 (right of left, you decide) to unlock the second stage. Get the look from stage 2 to unlock the next one ! Beware : if you started with the left outfit, you will unlock the outfits from the same side. The same goes for the look on the right side. To unlock the ultimate look, you will have to complete ALL the looks from this event.  

These items are special collector’s items, they were made by talented players ! Find them in your inventory, in the blue tab !

You have until tuesday, July 30th at 11.59pm (Paris time) to reach the ultimate look.

Time to dive in Ohmydollz !

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