[Quest Replay] Atlantis

Hello Dollz!

After a crazy year running parades, department stores, carnivals, to fall in rabbit burrows and many other adventures, you really deserved mundane vacation and everything he has more to normal ! The mysteries, intrigues, adventures, coincidences enough!

Good resolution, but … the fate acharnerait it not be you?

Through this quest, discover the mysterious Atlantis on an adventure full of magic and dream.

In the last step of the quest, you can win the Mediterranean room (or its extension if you already own the room).






Great gifts await you! Gradually, as you progress in the quest, gifts are more and more beautiful!

You will also be asked to answer riddles to win bonus gifts!

Discover the color variations of the objects you need for the quest in the Abyss shop!


You have until Sunday 21th July at 23h59 to participate in this quest and to enjoy the Abyss shop!

May the spirit of the High Priestess of the Moon is with you on OhMyDollz!

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