[Replay Quest] Panther Woman is born!

Hi you upholders of the law!

Here is the quest: Panther Woman!


In this adventure, your doll who is an orphan hurt by her obscure past, becomes an upholder of the law ready to fight any injustice. A new face has appeared to fight all the bandits in OhMyDollz City: Panther Woman!

Our doll has one aim: to discover the truth and avenge her parents!

Yet, are decisions easier to make when you are in the shoes of an avenger?


Our doll is gonna live an exceptional adventure and meet her worst enemy: the fool!

Complete this adventure and win 2 rooms:

– The Manor room to live the life of a rich philanthropic heir!

– The “Panther Cave” to live the life of a masked avenger!

You have until Sunday June 16th at 23h59 to complete this adventure!


Each room corresponds to one of the endings.

Yet you can use the “replay” that cost 150 Fee’z only , if you choose both endings you get both rooms!

These 2 exclusive rooms are in the“Royal” theme!


The more you progress in the story, the more prerequisites you need but the gifts get better and better!

You will have to answer enigma questions linked to the story to win bonus gifts!

Discover exclusive items in the “Panther Shop”:

This store will stay open until Sunday June 16th at 11:59 PM (French time). Make the most of it!

The masked avenger’s adventure’s start on OhMyDollz!

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