[Designer’s Packs] The revenge of Winter !

Hello dollz !

Spring is slowly arriving, but that is not everyone’s taste… somber icy figures show up to make Winter last a little longer !

This week-end discover packs made up of player creations on the theme of winter and ice. A selection of winter outfits and frozen elements to cool OhMyDollz before the return of the sunny days !

These creations were submitted after the appeal to designers, they are all released for the first time !


Golden winter magic

pack_hiver_01a pack_hiver_01b
Ice Magic of Winter

pack_hiver_02a pack_hiver_02b pack_hiver_02c

Blue winter dream

pack_hiver_03a pack_hiver_03b pack_hiver_03c

Funny winter special set

pack_hiver_04a pack_hiver_04b

Nordic Winter Games

pack_hiver_05a pack_hiver_05b pack_hiver_05c

Red winter dream

pack_hiver_06a pack_hiver_06b

Queen of the Northern Lights

pack_hiver_07a pack_hiver_07b pack_hiver_07c pack_hiver_07d pack_hiver_07e

Snow Queen of Winter

pack_hiver_08a pack_hiver_08b pack_hiver_08c pack_hiver_08d

These items are collector’s, they can not be purchased in lofts : this event is thus your only chance to get them ! If you like one of the creations, make sure to get it now before it’s too late 😉

The creations will be rewarded just like for the Fashion Show.

You have until Sunday at 11.59pm (Paris time) to purchase what you prefer !

Have a good week-end on OhMyDollz !

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