[Inventory] Many Xmas elements now stick to your doll !

Hello everyone,

Time to unleash your creativity even more as Christmas draws near !

There are many Xmas elements in the decoration department, some stick to the dollz, others don’t. Our team checked all the Xmas decoration items and made them stick when they didn’t.

Garlands, balls, knots, stickers and Xmas presents from the decoration/lights department are almost all sticking to the doll !

We hope that this change will help you to get creative and to have fun making your outfits in these magical times !

To celebrate this and to allow you to use these elements for the coming events, we allow each player to send 3 additional creations for the contest ! That means you can submit up to 8 creations in total !

Take advantage of it !


Please notice that some decorations weren’t changed because they were too big or not adapted to the making of outfits.

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