[OhMyBoutique] Last days of past summer collections

Hello dollz,

Since OhMyDollz’ 11th anniversary, elements from past summer collections have been available at the OhMyBoutique, but not for long anymore !

You have until Thursday, November 15 at 10am (Paris time) to shop for them, the OhMyBoutique will then move on to another collection !

collec_omb_2012_00 collec_omb_2012_01 collec_omb_2012_02 collec_omb_2012_04 collec_omb_2012_03collec_omb_2012_05

To access the store, go to the store page :


Once the map is displayed look for the following store :


To shop in this store, you will need points that you can get with the OhMyGames.


Good shopping on OhMyDollz !

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