[Fashion Show and LookBook] Congratulations to our designers !

Halloween is over and it was a beautiful edition thanks to jaw dropping creations, more and more detailed and advanced !


We had to rack our brains to select your propositions ! Behind these creations are talented players who put their imagination and creativity to use, for the Fashion Show as well as for the LookBook.
The selected players received 60 $$$ and 30 Coils, here they are :

Congratulations to cocotalili, irina-diaman1, cocotalili13, irina-diaman, lili-gia, monsieurm, lina-mcadams, siannah, riiona, painolait, maidu68, lolatou, mari2212, momomangaka, ange-milie, beenotmovie, nadiaben11, xx-mouah-71-xx, xmec-gothiquex, hisao, nami9011, weyssou, titissem25120, scientrier, carottelulu11, ilona566, stravaganza, fifilini, jus-de-tomates, lilipade, baobab, cocotalili12, laureenmcfly, ex-tazii, ismea, coonan, tchat-discord, princess-wyvern, hirondel, feedenadiaben, siramoon, angebelle, luchia34, sacrystal, nekodakaradesu, thecrasy, dame-ange, nerikya, xshanone, darkrevette, puchy, horsejuju26, clem05091995, existy, cocotalili7, geb, lagentia, caseyboop, princessevampyr, styliste-x2, happypenny, se7en-gluttony, catakombes, leilu, momo291989, imane20047, romy-fee10, georgie64, lolia49, lunamandine, phobee, patoups, judgecalcifer, rhazel, chinekohappy, darksongofdeath, temperance5, nesrinedu92, irina-diaman10, irina-diaman3, mieloma, aelinn, lunearcenciel, abaa, lolitea4, didielise, cocotalili11, ciloni, normajeane, billyjo, alexandra-du75, jonquilla, notgirly, manoa, cocotalili14, omoue, rock-and-paris, framboisecaramel, fantastique-rpg, rossalia, moonshines, kroket, bouzy39, patapyuh, sarahvictoriajenni, cocotalili10, irisya01, feenadiaben, cocotalili15, activitioner
feenadiaben3, zouza10, mely80600, lafee25, irina-diaman6, lalaloulou5, megalose, noii, anne-lolotte, 28marina, ange—blanc2, goldsilver972, belle4never, morin29, khidaa, stella058, x-hellfest-x, wen-cam-clo, bloody-tear, eraphine, skeleton, apocalyptique, orlanne84, vegvisir, coccina, beatouti, crazymanga, jadestone, fleur411, nadiaben1, nadiaben, ninettejez, grisalda, montage-vanessa, sarahpda, micha-chan, feenadiaben0, lizbethcool, ettelux, td76, doll-c-tout, pinksissy, nadiaben4, paolam55, minivi9514, indira999, eriana, shawn-michaels et feedenadiabenbb !

Thank you all for participating and showing your support, it means much to us and the game.

Happy month of November Dollz !


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