[Personality test and packs] The power of friendship !

Hello dollz !

Friendship is a strength everyone uses in his own way, but also a power shared with others. And you, what magical friend are you ?

We offer you to redo the personality test « The power of friendship » to discover which heroine resembles you the most ! Inspired by a famous cartoon, discover our fan-art “OhMyDollz” version of it 😉


Each friend profile corresponds to a different batch of gifts. Answer the question to determine which friend you resemble the most and get the linked outfit ! There are 6 different outfits to collect !

Answering a test costs 49 $$$, the price then decreases : the second costs 39 $$$, then 29 $$$, then 19 $$$ and finally 10 $$$ ! The more you do the test, the cheaper it becomes ! Enjoy ! Don’t miss it !

Attention: if you answer the test multiple times, be attentive to your answers! Otherwise you could get several times the same set of gifts.

To access the personality test, click on the button in the upper left of the game, in the offer of the moment:


The personality test will be available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris time).

You can also get all these outfits in one go thanks to the “Magical Friends” pack ! (and if you make this choice, we offer the additional outfits “Sun and Moon” included in this pack).


Discover also 2 other additional “fantasy” outfits on this theme : “Sun and Moon”!


Find these exclusive “fantasy” outfits “Sun and Moon” :

– In the pack “Magical Friends”, that will also let you have all 6 outfits of the personality test (Click here to see the pack)

– In the pack “Fantasy Princess” (Click here to see the pack)

To access these packs, click on the button in the left of the site, in the offers of the moment :


The packs will be available until Sunday at 11:59 pm (Paris time).

Discover the magic of friendship on OhMyDollz !

The models aren’t included, only the oufits are available for this event.

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