Open your wings and fly away! Sky-themed rooms available at the Architect

Hi Dollz

Here’s an opportunity to complete your collection of rooms on OhMyDollz!

Until Wednesday, sky-themed rooms are available at the BankHurry up and get the rooms of your dreams;)

Rainbow, Asgard, Airship, Cloud, Heaven.

Wonderful set of rooms to fly away to the sky!  😉


Quest rooms are available for 400 Fee’z instead of 500, and their extension at 200 Fee’z instead of 250.

If a room has background themes and extension, you’ll get these background themes when buying the extension.

Available rooms :
Rainbow, Asgard, Airship, Cloud, Heaven


As a final touch, get a fabulous pack of birds collection to add life to your rooms!

Until wednesday, 23h59. (heure de Paris)

Complete your collection on OhMyDollz !

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