[Replays Flash] 4 quest to discover the world! +1 VIP week!

Hi dollz

Find the important quests that too place in the past years!
Our team proposes you 4 quest to replay, but pay attention! This offer is available only until Friday.

This weekend, Travel-themed replays are available! And… A VIP subscription for one week to win!

An additional opportunity to discover these universes or replay your favorite quests!

What’s live?

« Indian colors » 2016 quest

Your doll comes back to her Indian origin. Freshly arrived in India, her country of birth, she will experience an unforgettable stay that will allow her to revive her roots and culture.

This quest end steps gives you the room Floating Palace (or its extension if you already have this room), and a new theme background for this room.
You can also win a VIP subscription for one week!

Attention: the VIP week won’t start at the end of this quest but on Monday, July 2nd. If you are already subscribed, 7 days will be added to your remaining days. The players subscribed with Paypal will get a compensation of 400 Fee’z.



2010 World Animal Quest 

This quest from 2010 have been fully re-integrated in its original form! 

Discover animals of the world! Emboard with your love interest to amazing countries and their loving and fascinating inhabitants.

At the end of this double-ending quest, you’ll get wonderful animals and amazing decors!

2012 « Become a Top-Model! »

Discover Reality-TV world! This year competition is taking place in an amazing exotic house, on a paradise island, under supervision of famous casting director Cristina!

At the end of double-ending quest, you can get Humanitarian Ambassador (7$ a day) and a new model for your doll. Complete both endings to get a suprise chapter!

« True Love » 2015 quest

Do you dream about finding your true love but so far your quest has not  been successful. What could you possibly do? Try to go all in by participating in a reality show!

Throughout this quest with a double ending, you can get:
– Star House room (or its extension if you already have this room), and a new theme background for this room.
– Animated room Jet (no extension available), and a new theme background for this room.

Important: The « Dollz Competition » won’t be active for this replay!




During these replays, the stores linked to these quests will open their doors during the event!

https://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/dollzstory-1.png http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/fr/tvshowshop-1.png

Replay these quests until Friday at 3:00pm (Paris hour).


You can go back to the replays selection page until you have validated the first step, by clicking the link above your quest.

Let’s travel on OhMyDollz!

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