(Français) [Test de personnalité et Ventes privées] Quel voyage est fait pour vous ?

Hello Dollz!

What kind of vacations are best for you? Vacations to relax, to party, to make new friends or to educate yourself? Come discover what trip best fits your personality!

How about redoing the Personality Test «What trip is best for you?» to discover amazing dresses matching your kind of travels?

New exclusive colors for these dresses are also available in Sarah’s Shop!


Personnality Test

Each profile has matching gifts. Answer the questions to determine what trip fits you best and win the corresponding dress! There are 6 different dresses to collect!

Warning : If you answer the test several times, be careful what you answer! Or you could win the same gift package several times.

The personnality test will be available until Friday, 23h59 (Paris time)

Private sales – New Colors!

Discover some elements of these dresses in exclusive new colors! A rare occasion to get your favorite objects in new colors et to personalize your looks even more!


boutik_sarah_voyage_5 boutik_sarah_voyage_2 boutik_sarah_voyage_4

Come see these new elements in the private sale organized by Sarah, in her Shop.

Move around Sarah’s shop room freely, pick the article you like, and right click on it. Click on the shopping cart to buy it!


And since this is a direct private sale, you can enjoy a preferred price on these collector dresses!

Beginning Monday July 9th 2018, all these elements will become collector items. They will then only be available to buy in lofts, using Fee’z like all other collector items.

Happy Shopping on Ohmydollz !

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