[Gifts] Summer Festival: 1 day, 1 gift!

Hello dollz!

It’s coming soon the 11 Anniversary of OhMyDollz!

To wait until the celebration, we reserved for you a big surprise! Or better, numerous surprises in an advent calendar a bit particular 😉

Open each day a box of the calendar to receive a different gift. During the whole month of July, 31 gifts in total will be offered to recreate a dreaming Funfair!


Each box of the calendar will offer its gift 1 time, only for the day signed. Click on the day to receive your gift! Attention, there are different colors. You won’t necessary get the same as you friends!

If you want the surprise of the content, do not read longer 😉

There will be 3 collection, each available for 10 days.
-from July 1st to 10th: Candy Truck, a nice food truck with pastel colors and its sweet sweets!
-from July 11th to 20th: Pastel Dream Lolita, an adorable outfits all in lace and cuteness.
-from July 21st to 30th: Merry-Go-Round, a beautiful carousel to customize!

The last day (July 31st), you will discover 1 « super collector » RARE, that can only be get in this calendar 😉

Here’s a preview of the gifts!

Outfit “Pastel Dream Lolita”


Furniture sets “Merry Go Round” and “Candy Truck”

_apercus_calendrier2 _apercus_calendrier3 _apercus_calendrier4

How does it work?

Open each day the box of the day to receive for free the object of the day, in a random color between 3.

If you want to get an additional color, or you missed a day, reopen the box for 25 Fee’z!

Each box always “contains” 3 colors of an object. While opening it for a second time, you will get one of the colors that you didn’t get yet.
Attention, if you have bought a color other than the box of the calendar (purchase in the lofts, collection packs), and you reopen the same box, you’ll risk to get a color you already own in the inventory.

What is a « super collector » RARE?

It’s an object that cannot be purchased in the lofts. Attention, reopen this box to get other colors will cost 50 Fee’z.

-I can open a box for all the days.

Did you miss some boxes? Reopen them for 25 fee’z!

If you don’t have the time to complete this event, you can get in one shot all the objects of the calendar (93 collectors) on the page of the event.

-I prefer to get in one shot a complete collection.

You can get immediately all the collection ongoing, in the color of your choice, on the page of the event. A collection pack will give you 10 objects of the collection (use the TEST button to verify your choice of color), without counting the ones you already have or not in your inventory.

The collection packs are available only for 10 days, the time of each collection. Don’t wait much if you want to take advantage of it!


Click on the button to access the calendar each day!


Attention: This event requires the plug-in Flash to be activated on your browser to open the boxes. If you are on mobile, you can try to utilize the application Puffin to let Flash work on your support.

This summer calendar will be available until July 31st at 11:59pm (Paris hour).
Do not forget to open all the boxes that you desire before this date!

Good rain of gifts on OhMyDollz!

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