[Stores] News in Mages and Warriors cupboard!

Hello dollz!

Today, 2 new outfits come to complete the new cupboard on the Zodiac theme!

Discover the 12 signs like never before, in the form of the Warrior and Mage fantastic duo!

For this month of June, welcome the new duo: Cancer and Gemini!





Each outfit is composed by 5 elements.

Open the cupboard to receive 5 random elements from the available outfits (no duplicates, unless you have them all)! The 12 outfits will fill the Zodiac Cupboard 2018 until the 12 signs show up.

Find the Magic Cupboard all the year at the OhMyDollz Shopping Center 😉

Special offer!

Do you just want the 2 new outfits, without open all the cupboard?

Exceptionally, this weekend, the direct purchase won’t give you all the cupboard but just the 2 new outfits!

You can get the set of objects for Gemini and Cancer in just one click on the button available under « Content Preview »!

This special offers is available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).
Then, the direct purchase will return again complete with all the cupboard outfits.

You can open the cupboard normally with $$$, an opening each time, if you prefer.

Attention: The direct opening of the cupboard doesn’t count what you already have in your inventory! This option will give youall the elements of these outfits.

And you? Which is your sign?

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