[Packs] The return of Curvy and Classic at the beach!

Hello dollz!

Did you have enough of rain and grayness? Enjoy the sun this week-end with these beach themed packs and their exclusive outfits!

These packs contain exclusive items, item multipliers, vouchers, tokens and $$$!


Here are the packs available:


For the classic doll, a beach outfit is also available with the Classic pack!

This pack contains the exclusive Doll outfit and model, but also 5 item multipliers, 30$$$, 10 vouchers and 10 tokens.



Get your fill of exclusive accessories for the beach with the Summer pack!

This pack contains several exclusive accessories as well as 10 tokens.


To access these packs, click the button in the offers of the moment:


Ready for the beach on OhMyDollz!

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