[Replay Multiflirt] The Game Dethrones!

Hello dollz!

Discover five families with marked personality who are waging a merciless war to rule the land Féeréal.

Will you be able to associate at best the representative elements of the universe of these medieval-fantasy Families? Which Family will get the royal crown on the head of its heir?

Help the Trask, Lavilsoeur, Pytrell, Tarpelle and Pagayrien families to conquest Féeréal!

Coming from the cold north, the Trask family is about tough warriors, wild but loyal.


Formed from the early age to the intrigues of the Court, the members of the Lavilsoeur family will stop at nothing to win!


Elegant and refined. The courtiers of the Pytrell family like to play a deadly game.


The Tarpelle family may seem indolent at first glance, but the rare poison of its Desert Dancers surprised many!


Noble lineage fallen, will the Pagayrien famly be able to reborn from its ashes and conquest the throne?


If you complete these 5 families with different personalities answering the questions, you get numerous gifts!

When a Family is completed, you can, if you want, go to an other one.

If you complete the 5 Families at 100%, you’ll also get the famous throne, object of all the desires of the Families!trone_2

And it isn’t end: You also get the Viking room (tab Fantasy) OR its new extension if you already own it!


Don’t forget to click on the link « Click here to get your gift! » when you have completed the 5 bars to get your reward.

The objects that you need for this event are available in the Tales store, which opens its doors during this event.


You have until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).


Ready to accept this new challenge?!

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