[Cupboards] New Mage and Warrior Cupboard!

Hello dollz!

Some of you may have sensed it, there is a new cupboard on the Zodiac theme propored this week on OhMyDollz.
Discover the 12 signs like never before, in the form of fantastic duo Warrior and Mage!

In this nice month of May, here the first paris to make its apparition: Aries Warrior and Taurus Mage!


Each outfit is composed of 5 elements.

Open the cupboard to receive 5 random elements between the available outfits (without duplicates, except if you already have all of them)! The 12 outfits will gradually fill the Zodiac Cupboard 2018 up to the 12 signs.

Find the Magical Cupboards all the year at the OhMyDollz Shopping Center 😉

And you? What sign are you?

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