[Lotto] Try to win 1.000.000 Dollarz or a VIP subscription for life!

Attention girls!

The OhMyDollz Lotto makes its great return!

And this year, there is an immense surprise! There will be 2 great lotto!

If your grids are selected, you can win 1 000 000 $$$ or a VIP subscription for life! What a dream! 😉

Starting now and until Sunday at 11:59pm, you can get the grids to participate to the great grand « OhMyDollz » Lotto!

The drawing will take place on Monday, April 2nd!


This lotto is valid onALL OhMyDollz versions, the million will be shared to all the winners!

How does it work?

The « OhMyDollz lotto » is a lottery game, so it’s random.

To play, you just need to choose 6 numbers on a 49 number grid.

>One grid is offered to all the players! And if you’re VIP, you have an additional free grid!*

But you can buy more grids to increase your chances.

The grid costs 30 $$$ or 99 Fee’z!

Once you have chosen your numbers, just click the “Confirm” button.

Your number combination confirmation will be sent to you by PM and your Fee’z will then be debited.

There is no limit to the number of grids you can get! To buy another one, you just need to come back to the lottery page!

Bonus: the more grids you buy, the more gifts you get and the more chances you have to win the Million de OhMyDollarz ($$$) Jackpot!

For the second grid you play and for every 5 grids you play, you win one of these gifts:

2 Grids: 15 $$$
The grid price is halved 😉

5 Grids: 30 tokens
To play on OhMyGames!

10 Grids: 20% discount on all the purchases at the shopping center during 1 week.
To shopping! Private promotions on all stores!
The discount will be active immediately when you reach the goal!

15 Grids: 20 items multipliers
20 free items of your choice between all the items in your inventory 😉

20 Grids: 300 tokens
To explode the OhMyJackpot with all these tokens 😉

25 Grids: 1 month of VIP subscription
A unique occasion to enter the VIP! A month of exclusive bonuses!
The subscription will be active immediately when you reach this goal.
Cumulative with your current subscription, the month of subscription will be added to the other remaining days.

30 Grids: 1000 fee’z
Practically 10 grids refunded (or the next 10 free… other than the drawing!)! Or an incredible occasion ti get Fee’z with your $$$ 😉

35 Grids: 150 items multipliers
It’s not an error! 150 items multipliers are offered 😉

40 Grids: a room or its extension for the following list: LIST
It will be randomly selected between rooms that you don’t own yet.
If you already have all the rooms, you get xxxxxx.

Click on the button in the offers of the moment to participate:


Good look to all of you!

*Important: If you desidere to be VIP for a week and take advantage of the second grid offered, you must become VIP before the opening of the second grid. If you open the grid and you become VIP later, you won’t get the bonus grid.

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