[Packs] Spring has arrived! Unreleased

Hello dollz!

Spring has arrived on OhMyDollz 😉 Freshness, greenery and flowers!

Take advantage of our Spring packs, that offer unreleased objects and the Japanese Plains rooms (or it’s extension if you already own this room).


Discover this set of unreleased objects in lots of green and pink to refresh with Spring your Lofts! Driven by the wind, the universes cross and mix!

pack_template_sprinbB pack_template_sprin_18 pack_template_monsterpack pack_template_minispring pack_template_spring_all

Discover the small Sylden -the adorable Spring Spirit-, came from Baclash with her magic effects to visit us on OhMyDollz 😉

From Eredan, a mossy forest monster, a magician’s potrait and an adorable Phoenix will take you company!

And coming from Elite Dollz, an unreleased springy variation of a beautiful autumn outfit to dress your dollz like a Spring lady.

From our new game Fashion Show, beautiful prink stars will accessorise your fantasy outfits!

And in the end, OhMyDollz takes part with its beautiful “Japanese Plains” room with its unreleased extension!

To access these Packs, click on the following button :)


These packs will be available until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour).

Celebrate Spring together on OhMyDollz!

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