[Bonus] The coils available at the bank!

Hello dollz|!

Here is an opportunity that will delight all lovers of creations!

To help you in the sewing of your outfits, take advantage of the coils return!
The occasion to gain these useful bonuses and speed up your sewing!

The coil is a booster that will let you finish a creation more quickly.

And, great news, the coils come to the bank permanently!
Less stress for all the creators, they can find this bonus when they need it 😉


Remember how coils work

Coils are in your inventory and can be used when you want.

Each coil lets you reduce 1 hour of sewing while you work on a creation. You can check the number of coils that you can use on a creation!

You can find the coils during the sewing of your items.
Each time you start a sewing, your coils are shown and you can choose how many coils you want to use.

To obtain these bonuses, visit the bank, menu « Bonus ».


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