[Call to the community] Propose your videos for our Youtube page!

Hello dollz!

Did you watch the fashion style demo videos published on our Youtube channel?

The community has an incredible creative talent, we saw it in the fashion show albums, videos and your cards in the game!

Sarah wants to highlight the creative potential of OhMyDollz players and recall all the players who have talents as videomakers, decoration or styling!

Propose your video about styling or decoration to the team and you could appear in FeerikGames Youtube page!

Show us what you have for OhMyDollz!


How does this event work?

Create a video where you make a demonstration of styling or decoration on OhMyDollz and send us your video.

Your video must be about OhMyDollz.
Styling demo: creation, outfit, dress, accessory, hairstyle…
Decoration demo: room, piace of room, original decorations…
Express your creativity 😉

Important: if your video has text, this text must be in English.
If you can, avoid the texts, this will be more clear to players of all languages.

All OhMyDollz players are invited to participate in this contest, whenever you are!

The technical modalities to respect

– A minimum of quality (for example: no blurred video)
– Hide your personal data (for example: player information, private elements of your computer)
– Include the logo and/or mention OhMyDollz
– No nude, no shocking nicknames, respect the OhMyDollz rules

– Your video should not exceed 3 minutes
– Respect resolutions and formats recommended by YouTube
– Respect Youtube compatible file formats
– Respect the recommended encoding settings for uploading on YouTube

Our team will only see videos already completed.
This means that you video must be filmed and edited by yourself.

Collaborations are allowed!
If you have styling or decoration talents, but you don’t know how to make videos, do not hesitate to ask help to an other player to create the video.
In this case, don’t forget to write the nickname of the player that edited the video before sending it to us.

Where and how to send my video?

Send your video to this email address: omd.contest@feerik.com

Use transfernow, wetransfert or dropbox for your shipment.

Don’t forget to include in your message:
– your nickname on the game
– the server where you play (the “version”: FR, US, DE, ES, IT, FB, BR, PT)
– your email address (if can be different from the one of your dollz, it must be valid)

You have until March 15th 2018 at 11:59pm to send you video (Paris hour).

Note: no other mail than the videos will be checked. For each problem on the game, contact the support of the game.
The messages “off topic” won’t be read and won’t be answered.

What will become of my video?

The most beautiful videos will appear on FeerikGames Youtube page.

Their authors (stylist, decorator and videomaker) will be in the spotlight in front of the whole community when their videos will be released.

An opportunity to show to other players your talent!

We can’t wait to see your videos

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