[Contest] My wishes to Sarah for 2018 – Results tomorrow!

Hello girls!!

It was great to receive all your letters and be able to read them “in real life”, not on a computer screen. Thanks for all your beautiful cards and wishes full of kindness!

There we go! Exclusively, a piece of our wall (not very fashion, as you can see), all gray and all alone, serve as a post-it support for the job. This gray wall was a little depressing, but now it’s all warm with your nice testimonies and colorful wishes! Thank you very much for bringing us joy and colors to our office :)


You spent your time to write to us and to participate, and for this I want to thank you very much. However, that’s also why there won’t be a draw (sorry…), because we received 16 cards. Draw 10 cards and choose one more (=11), just to leave 5 of them behind, it seemed very sad and a shame for all of those who participated.

So, we decided to reward ALL of you: you’ll receive soon all 16 customized mails, by my hand, to thank you and wish you a happy new year from our team!!!
I’ll let you know when the mails will leave, you’ll be able to monitor your mailboxes.

Tomorrow you’ll know who the “heart stroke” is, and you’ll see each card in detail with a note for each of you! We will publish an announce with all the details :)


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