[Fashion Show] Call to the designers !

Hi dollz !

Do you dream of becoming stylist on OhMyDollz ? Of seeing your creations proudly showcased by the whole community ?
Creators, Sarah invites you to the Fashion Show !

Create an outfit or an accessory  with the sewing machine for a Spring/Valentine’s day collection and send it to us !
The most beautiful creations will be selected and made available to the community during the Fashion Show, which will be organized similarly to a Happy Day.

The Fashion Show has changed ! No more mails to send !
Discover the new page to participate easily and directly from the game !


Want to gie it a shot ? Easy ! Create an outfit or accessory, sew it with the sewing machine and send it to us through the page of the contest.

This is an incredible opportunity to show your talent and see your work acknowledged by the community !

The theme is Spring and Valentine’s day  :
Creations must be spring-like, which includes the theme of Valentine’s day. What is spring? Fresh colors, flowers, softness… have a look at real-life shops and the Internet to follow today’s trends !

Try to make your creation fit in one of these 3 categories in order to target your future clients.
“Casual” : your everyday fashion, easy to wear, seasonal
“Evening” : party accessories and outfits, elegance, glamour, red carpet… when you need a look to go out !
“Fantasy” = all costumes, cosplay, magical items, out-of-this-world fashion!


You have until the 25th of January 2018, 10:00 am (Paris hour) to participate and send us your creations.

Go directly on the page of the contest to directly select and send your creations from your account. Or click the following button :


Let your imagination run wild !



How to enter?

How many creations?
Up to 9 creations by dollz/account!

You are not forced to send 9 creations in one go. You can send less than 9, and you can send in multiple entries (up to 9). You can’t send the same creation twice.
We trust you in selecting the most beautiful!

Who will select the creations and how?
Sarah’s team will select the most beautiful creations, creations they think will suit the community’s tastes. Think that community is your client, not Sarah!
All creations will be gathered and named by creation number so they’ll be anonymous until the Fashion Show will be published.

Which type of creation can I do?
-Please no VIP items
Why? When a VIP item is in a creation, creation can only be available to VIP members. We’d like Fashion Shows to be available for the largest part of the community.

-Please no pieces of skin
Why? When an item is designed to fit only 1 skin color, creation can’t fit all dollz skin colors. We’d like Fashion Shows to be available for the largest part of the community. Avoid “Body”  http://www.ohmydollz.com/design/magasin/soustype/corps/corps_off.png pieces.

-Soo… What can I do?
Creations have to be worn by Classic Dollz (no dollz back, no dollz men, no baby) : piece of clothing, dress, full outfit, makeup, accessories, scepter, wings, wigs, pets… Must be “wear-able” by Classic Dollz. You can also create characters, butthink well about it before doing so. Too big, too complex characters won’t be selected, because their final price may be too high for the community.
Notes :
– You can’t re-sew a creation.
– You can see the creator’s signature by right-clicking on a creation

What do we earn?
At the end of the Fashion Show Event sale, you’ll get a PM telling you got $$$ for your sales. The more your creation pleases the community, the more you’ll receive, so think about your future clients and target your creations!

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