[Community Game] Battle of snowballs!

Hello dollz!

It is time to have fun!

The OhMyDollz team prepared a great battle of snowballs!
All the players can participate and… serve as targets 😉

Grab your snowballs and search other players’ cards to launch your projectiles!
Will you be able to touch the other players?


This is a small community game, an event that will let you have fun with all other players using snowballs. At the end of the game, we’ll discover which one is the most dexterous and which one is the most touched 😉
The only purpose of this game is to have fun.

How to launch a snowball to a player?

Visit other dollz and click on the button what appear in their page. On each click, you’ll get a random result: being able to hit or miss the player!


While launching a snowball, the “victim” player will get the gauge increase or decrease depending on the number of points that will be randomly given from 0 to +2. You can launch only one snowball per player.

But it’s not over! The others players participate to this battle too, so you must also pay attention to your gauge 😉
The more you get touched, the higher your figure will be.


Is there something to win?

On Monday, once the battle is over, gifts will be assigned:
– the “Queen of the snowball” title (10 per “version” of the game)
– the “Victim of the snowballs” title (10 per “version” of the game)

The 10 players that will accumulate the most points at the end of the game will get the “Victim of the snowballs” title.
These players are the poor victims of this battle, privileged targets of other players that suffered the most snowballs 😉

The 10 players that launched the most snowballs will get the “Queen of the snowball” title.
These players will be the ones who stand out most by their willingness to participate in this battle with fierce!

What is a title and how to use it?

A title is visible on your LOFT page under your job.
All the players can see the title that you have selected when they visit your card 😉

The titles don’t influence the gains of your account.

You can find the titles on your card, above your loft and under your job:


Remember: The only purpose of this game is to have fun.

Enjoy launching snowballs to other players on OhMyDollz!

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