[Halloween] The secret of the mysterious attic

Hello dollz!

You can hear creaks from the attic… An other Halloween day!
Will you dare to visit your grandmother’s attic to verify what’s happening?

You remember that while searching in the attic you found a mysterious key.
Maybe you should search again… a key must open something 😉

The Secret of the Mysterious Attic! Explore Grandmother’s attic and discover the mystery…


Go to the attic to discover the truth.
Browse the setting with your mouse and click on the locations when your mouse changes form.
When you’ll discover something, a message will appear,

While searching in the attic, a strange glow will attract your toward a small box.
If you have the key and you are able to open the box, a reward awaits you.

The necessary key to obtain the reward is the mysterious key that you got at the start of the month:


If you do not have it in your inventory, you can still get it in the lofts of the players that got it at a price of an collector item.

The witch Sarah has one in her magic store

Here you can see the gifts that you can obtain:


To access this game, click on the button of the offers in the upper left of the game:


The secret of the mysterious attic can only be resolved during the day and night of Halloween.
The magic of the mysterious key will disappear on November 1st a 6:00am (CET).

Halloween saved surprises for you on OhMyDollz!

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